Tone Aston

Creative Director / Sound Designer

Tone Aston is owner, Creative Director and Sound Designer at Rumble Sydney. A career in Sound Design has seen him become a master of the many arts in the post production studio, from voice direction, blockbuster sound design, foley and mixing.

He has a philosophy of creative experimentation, looking under all the stones to make sure the sound design and voice have all the right elements to make a great soundscape.

Since opening Rumble he has won local and international awards, including CLIO and AWARD, and has worked with large and small clients around the world. One of his proudest moments was Rumble winning “LIA Global and Regional Studio of the Year” in 2018.

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Michael Gie

Executive Producer

Michael is a future NBA All-Star. While he waits for his final growth spurt he resides as Rumble’s Executive Producer and keeps the place running like clockwork.

After earning his stripes around London’s post-production houses and film sets, Michael was soon lured back to Sydney and joined Rumble in its early days. Since then he has gone on to produce award winning music & sound projects and help develop Rumble into one of the premier studios in Australia.

Michael works closely with Rumble’s composers to ensure the music is of the highest quality and is dedicated to creating an exceptional client experience.

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Adam Moses

Senior Composer

Adam started playing music from a very early age. A trombonist, and a singer first, he moved on to the tennis racquet in front of the mirror at sixteen and was obsessed with guitars ever since. A bachelors in Jazz Performance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and a post-grad degree in Film Scoring from the prestigious Australian Film Television and Radio School, and many years now working at the highest level of Music for Film/TV/Advertising have him in good stead as one of Australia’s best leading young composers in Film and TV.

Adam has emerged as a key player in the advertising and Film/TV world and his work is regularly featured on the airwaves in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the US. He has won multiple awards for his work from a Cannes Gold Lion winning Superbowl spot, to stunning Nat Geo documentaries, and an APRA Screen Award winning Short Film among many others. Adam’s performance career has also seen him play and tour with some of Australia and the USA’s most valued performers, including: Marcia Hines, Ben Vereen, and Chris Potter to name but a few.

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Cam Milne

Senior Sound Designer

Cam Milne is the Quintessential Man. He rides an unwavering road, Harley gleaming in the sunlight, his hair perfectly coiffed in a rugged Patrick Swayze way (circa ’89).

Discovering his love of music at an early age he stole all his mums records, taught him self piano and hit off notes in the shower. Undeterred by his terrible singing voice he set out to be the best damn sound engineer and music producer in town. That’s when he landed at Rumble.

Having worked and performed with established artists in Australia and Europe, Sound Designed with Foxtel, Activision and Secret Squirrel Sounds, Cam crafts immersive experiences for our clients to hear and feel.  

He lives and breathes sound design and has the natural pizaz for his craft that even Berroca can’t match, not to mention his own electronic sadcore music is signed to Germany’s largest independent music label.

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Liam Annert

Sound Designer

Ask him about AFL and he won’t shut up. Mention NRL and he’ll nod politely while still thinking about AFL. That’s because we plucked him from the laneways of Melbourne to join the Rumble team. Having grown up in a record store in one of Melbourne’s famous districts, he wrote music as a solo artist during his early years before discovering sound design and joining the advertising and film industry. After finding his calling, he’s gone on to become an award winning sound designer with an ear for detail and his sounds can be heard on campaigns for some of the worlds biggest brands. Liam is a big advocate of pushing the boundaries, developing the skills to create immersive soundscapes for TV, cinema, 360° and VR. We’re very glad he’s made the move further north so we can slowly develop his tan and take him to bars that aren’t hidden.

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Katie Harper

Senior Post Producer

Katie has been in advertising and film production for most of her career, transitioning to specialise in audio post with Rumble. She has produced everything from TV commercials, online content to short films, installations, radio and podcasts. She has worked for some of the biggest agencies and production companies in the business, where she has managed celebrity talent, celebrity directors, huge shoots and all the challenges that come with those jobs. All of that experience goes into a broad understanding of any given job outside of audio and then bringing those skills to put the final touches to any production.

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Fiona Dunn


An Irish born film fanatic and coffee enthusiast, Fi developed a love of music early on through her folk musician Dad. After trying her hand at numerous instruments (piano, percussion, saxophone, guitar, ukulele) Fi concluded that her greatest musical passion was listening. Upon completing a BFA in Film & Television she bopped over to London, working in various production houses until the Aussie sun beckoned her home. A well seasoned traveller with some tales to tell, Fi and her boundless energy were the perfect fit for the Rumble team.

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Jeremy Richmond

Junior Composer

Jeremy has performed in front of a sold-out Sydney Opera House…sure there were 399 other performers on stage at the time, but it still counts.

Having studied piano from the age of 9, he realised his love for music very quickly. A graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Jeremy’s compositional style is influenced by his classical training, blending electronic and acoustic sounds to create something entirely unique. Whether playing sonatas on a grand piano or singing in choirs, he is a man of many talents. Jeremy rises to every challenge and is humbled to be part of the music team at Rumble.

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Daniel William

Assistant Sound Designer

Daniel might not look like a sound guy, but he damn sure hears like a sound guy. With a Bachelor in Sound & Music Design from UTS, Dan has travelled a little deeper into Chippendale to join the Rumble team.

His love for audio spawned from an obsession with music, but after struggling to convince his friends to join his boy band “Dan-ce” he turned his attention to recording. This led him to work as a freelance audio engineer where he recorded and created sounds for a variety of projects, from TVC campaigns to audiobooks, before finding his home at Rumble.

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Bid Juhanson

Head of Accounts

Siena Mascheretti

Studio Assistant

Hailing from a quiet beachside town in rural New Zealand, Siena hopped the ditch over to Sydney in search of some new adventures and excitement.
As an avid supporter of all things music, she’s been blown halfway across the world and back, hoping to find her niche in the industry. From attending as many gigs as humanly possible, to writing and releasing her own music, Siena’s passion for the art makes her the perfect fit for our studio assistant position.

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