Tone Aston

Creative Director / Sound Designer

As a kid, Tone’s dream was to play guitar for pretty much any glam metal band that would take him. Since he can’t play guitar, none did.
Fortunately he made his way in to sound design where he’s been sharpening his craft on award winning campaigns ever since. His dedication to the art of sound has seen his reputation spread from local to international agencies and production companies alike.

While he loves creating beautiful soundscapes and directing talent to get the perfect read, his greatest career achievement has been bringing Rumble Studios to life with Johnny Green. Tone has recently stretched his wings to co-create the children’s cartoon series “Kazoops”, currently in production for worldwide distribution through ABC Australia, BBC UK and Netflix.

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Johnny Green

Creative Director / Composer

If there’s one thing Johnny loves it’s good food and wine… And 80’s trivia and playing Galaga and golfing and skiing and… Although, a man of many passions, none can rival his love for music.

Cutting his cloth at some of Sydney’s top-shelf audio production companies, Johnny fine-tuned his skills when he relocated to New York City, composing music for some of the world’s heavyweight advertisers such as Unilever, Nike, Visa, and AT&T. After returning home to the sunny shores of Sydney, he teamed up with Tone Aston to launch Rumble Studios.

An award winning composer, Johnny has a passion for all things sound and constantly explores new techniques to apply to his artistry. An electro-acoustic artist in his spare time, Johnny sports his releases through Love F.A.M.E Records, Los Angeles.

Johnny on SoundCloud
Love F.A.M.E Records

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Michael Gie

Executive Producer

Michael is a future NBA All-Star. While he waits for his final growth spurt he resides as Rumble’s Executive Producer and keeps the place running like clockwork.

Earning his stripes on the graveyard shift around London’s post-production houses, Michael was soon lured in feature films where he spent his next sojourn frostbitten on the set of Canadian Sci-Fi’s and music videos.

After returning to Sydney, he combined his production experience with a passion for good music and good people, quickly developing himself in to a producer. Michael works closely with Rumble’s composers to ensure the music is of the highest quality and is focused on creating a rewarding client experience.

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Sharika Toth

Senior Producer / Head of Casting

Some say she’s a Renaissance gal, others claim she’s a Shinobi by night, truth is, she can’t do backflips and has no patience for cryptic crosswords.

However, “Master Organiser, Producer Extraordinaire” has also been bandied about and one could say, “…’tis her calling!”.

To realise her raison d’etre, Sha swam through a vast vocational sea of all things – navigating deep leagues of music education/performance, arts management, and PR/communications (amongst other things), kept afloat by yars’n’yars at the ivories & making f-holes sing like sirens… she even explored the far reaches of Adland where she helped bring ideas to life as a music consultant to modern visionaries.

Beyond her love of long sentences, modal jazz, and an obvious affection for naval-inspired metaphors, Sha enjoys putting her (self-diagnosed) OCD to excellent use with an immaculate work ethic and penchant for bringing together the magic of sound, music, voice, and of course, the mighty Excel, to help all your audio post-production dreams come true.

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Nathaniel Joyce

Sound Designer

“It’s like seeing with my ears.”
– New York Times
“Wait… What just happened?”
– Sydney Morning Herald

Born from an egg on a mountaintop, he’d defied the heavens by eating many of the holy peaches and became immortal. As punishment, a mighty Buddha imprisoned him under a mountain for 500 years to learn patience.

He was finally released by a Monk of ambiguous gender and accompanied him/her on a pilgrimage across ancient China to India in search of the Holy Scriptures. Joined along the way by a pig man and a fish man, the unlikely team battled many foes both natural and supernatural.

It was during this unforgiving apprenticeship he learned not only moral lessons based on Buddhist and Taoist philosophies, but the ancient art of putting sound to picture. However, Sound Design isn’t all just stick fighting and parables; it’s a rabbit hole of mystery and intrigue to which Nat has dedicated his life.

With over 2,000 years experience, Nat cannot only breathe life into your production, but breathe into his fingers and summon a small pink cloud to carry off onto untold adventures.

Do you believe in Nagic?

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Michael Szumowski

Music Supervisor

Michael joined Rumble after spending 6 years as Head Of Creative & A&R at iconic Australian independent music publisher Alberts where he was responsible for signing and working with acts such as San Cisco, Josh Pyke, Montaigne, Nicole Millar, The Cat Empire and many more.

An award nominated producer, songwriter and composer, Michael has worked with many local and international artists resulting in a host of top 10 records across the globe. Capitalising on his vast music industry experience, he will be focusing on providing a fresh and creative approach to the Music Supervision space.

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Lance Gurisik


Lance can be summed up in two words: fried chicken. Poultry aside, his musical repertoire is vast and with a multitude of projects under his belt, including releases under Freerange, Toy Tonics, Anjunadeep and Ninja Tune’s Counter Records, he is rarely not making music.

After three years touring as a DJ throughout North America, UK and Europe, Lance returned to Sydney and quickly found a home as a full-time composer at Rumble.  Advertisements, TV shows, festivals and films – Lance’s talent and unique musical style spread across many mediums. But mainly, fried chicken.  

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Cam Milne

Sound Designer

Cam Milne is the Quintessential Man. He rides an unwavering road, Harley gleaming in the sunlight, his hair perfectly coiffed in a rugged Patrick Swayze way (circa ’89).

Discovering his love of music at an early age he stole all his mums records, taught him self piano and hit off notes in the shower. Undeterred by his terrible singing voice he set out to be the best damn sound engineer and music producer in town. That’s when he landed at Rumble.

Having worked and performed with established artists in Australia and Europe, Sound Designed with Foxtel, Activision and Secret Squirrel Sounds, Cam crafts immersive experiences for our clients to hear and feel.  

He lives and breathes sound design and has the natural pizaz for his craft that even Berroca can’t match, not to mention his own electronic sadcore music is signed to Germany’s largest independent music label.

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Darren Lim


Darren tells stories through his music; from large ‘Hollywood’ orchestral pieces to intimate scores, his passion for storytelling is what drives his craft.    

After studying and writing film scores for several years, his talents were recognised by the team at Rumble where he now applies his art to everything from TVCs to branded content, radio & film.

Just give him a story and he’ll give you some magic.

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Mireille Abbott

Assistant Sound Designer

There are many strings to Mireille’s bow. Well actually, it’s a cello and it just has the standard four strings, but she plays them all masterfully on top of many other talents.

After completing her studies in Music, Psychology, and Sound Engineering on the sunny shores of South Africa, Mireille moved to the even sunnier shores of Sydney and snapped up a position as Rumble’s studio assistant.
She hikes & bikes & swims & sings… quite frankly, she makes everyone else look like sloths.

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Fiona Dunn

Studio Assistant

An Irish born film fanatic and coffee enthusiast, Fi developed a love of music early on through her folk musician Dad. After trying her hand at numerous instruments (piano, percussion, saxophone, guitar, ukulele) Fi concluded that her greatest musical passion was listening. Upon completing a BFA in Film & Television she bopped over to London, working in various production houses until the Aussie sun beckoned her home. A well seasoned traveller with some tales to tell, Fi and her boundless energy were the perfect fit for the Rumble team.

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